A Falling Body

My first book, a thriller, can be bought and downloaded from Apple’s iBooks and Amazon Kindle stores and from other ebook outlets including Kobo and Page Foundry.

A falliing bodyAndrea is an Englishwoman in her early 30s living in France, the cofounder of a successful tech company. Needing a change of direction, she accepts an offer of employment from a powerful, wealthy but physically failing old man; an arrangement which would allow him to share her experiences as if they were his own. Andrea enters into this deal warily, conscious of the obvious pitfalls, but attracted by the salary and fascinated by the technology. At first, the existence of an ever-present internal observer changes her own behaviour in unexpected but not wholly unwelcome ways. Soon, though, it becomes clear that her new employer is intent on sharing some experiences in which she cannot acquiesce without destroying her own being. But how can she resist and outwit an adversary who instantaneously knows her every thought and feeling?

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